Casio CZ-1 Display Problems and Replacement

Hi, all!
My CZ-1’s display is all but invisible. Basically, the only thing that shows up is the backlight behind the display; the letters are very washed out and near impossible to read. Has anyone else had this problem, and if so, how did you fix it?
Can someone recommend an LED-lit display as a replacement? Remember, the CZ-1 also displays graphics as well as text.
And what about those horrid flat plastic ribbon cables they used? Seems that they’d be very prone to cracking/breaking with age. Would stranded wire ribbon cable be the answer? Even if I had to solder a bunch of wires or connectors, it would be a whole lot better than the “invisible patches” that I have now.

Are you sure you don’t mean VZ-1?

The CZ-1 has a small 16x2 character display and does not display any graphics, while the VZ-1 has a larger pixel-mapped display and displays graphics.