Casio CZ 5000 Chorus Slide potentiometer


I am on the hunt for a replacement Chorus Slide potentiometer for my Casio CZ 5000 but am really struggling to source one from anywhere. I don’t really have much knowledge of electronics and am looking to install a replacement slider myself.

I have come across what looks like a potential replacement part that isn’t the original but judging by the specs looks to be correct.

Is there anyone who could potentially shine a light on whether I’m heading in the right direction here or will I make a serious error trying to replace this part with something that isn’t at all suitable?

the part in question is linked below and any help would be hugely appreciated.

Potential replacement part

Original part

Not even close to the same …

As I mentioned, I do not have any experience with electronics or repairs, so I do not know what to look for but thanks for your incredibly helpful and insightful response.

The pin configurations of those two pots don’t match, so you wouldn’t be able to solder it to the PCB. The original is a Panasonic slide pot, which has a unique configuration, and Panasonic is no longer manufacturing these.

These Panasonic pots are a notorious issue with many brands of older keyboards and other devices (ie Roland, Yamaha, Casio … etc).

Here’s an idea if you’re game enough.
Get a 10kOhmA single gang (log pot) and knob - find a convenient spot on the front panel, drill a small hole for the pot shaft and then extend the wires from the connector to the new pot.