Casio Privia PX-150 parts

I have six boys who all play piano. We got them a Privia PX-150 six years ago to give more access to a keyboard than our baby grand (and to allow them to use headphones when necessary).

Some of the key sensors have begun to fail. I can find other Privia model parts online, but not PX-150. Can anyone advise me where to look? just looking for key sensor pads at this point.

I do see PX-130 parts, but the Casio description of the 150 states that it’s key action is completely redesigned from the 130, so I figured that they wouldn’t work.



CASIO PX-150 is a 2012 model - hence any CASIO Service Centre can get you the parts.

You probably find that the rubber contact strips are OK but there is corrosion of sorts on the contactor circuit boards … sometime repairable with micro-wire (very finnicky). The keys that are failing, are they in a sequence? Count the steps from failing key to next failing key and then to next failing key - if the steps are in equal steps then most probably just one track gone …

There are two failed keys at this point. One works only if you hit it very hard. The other will not work at all. There is no pattern to the spacing of the keys.

Thanks for your input.


exactly which two notes are having issues?

Also - would you be comfortable to take it apart for inspection and cleaning?

D two octaves below middle C, and E one octave above middle C.

Yes, I would be comfortable taking it apart to repair it.