Casio VZ-1 LCD screen problem


In order to replace the Casio VZ-1 screen backlight, one has to split the Optrex DMF-668 model screen into 2. When split it takes an L shape with both arms in equal length.

After the replacement one again closes the screen back, where there are many conductive dots on both edges of the L shaped screen.

I have experienced ( and many others too ) the loss of several columns on the screen. It seems to me that there is a very sensitive alignment for the upper and lower parts of the conductive golden dots. Because I’ve tried different alignments and I got different results each time.

So does anyone know, how to align the upper and lower part of the screen, or…can anyone provide me a spare part for the vz-1 LCD screen ? (International shipping)

Kind regards,

Hi GPH, did you ever get your VZ-1 screen working? (All columns restored)


Yes I did and I have posted a detailed step by step explanation on how to do it with pictures here:


Güney Hanedan

Awesome, thanks so much for this link. I can’t wait to go over it detail, as I have a VZ-10M screen “update” to do myself. :slight_smile: