Casio WK-1250 keys?

Any idea what sort of keys are in a Casio WK-1250? Someone is giving me one of these with a broken key, and I’d like to fix the key and then donate it to a music school or Goodwill. I don’t see any of these keys on your site though. Is there not much demand for these, or do you not run across many of them to part out?

I’ll upload a pic tomorrow to see if maybe someone recognizes it as a certain key that’s available.

Whoops, scratch that. I think that was wrong.

You can find parts on Google type in the keyboard model and search repair

Keys on the WK’s come in sets - not individual keys.
1 set is 2 octaves (10 keys) of blacks - which are overlaid by an octave of white keys (7) - the rightmost set is different and has 8 white keys (the extra C at the end)
All key sets are made of one mould including the swivel point and mounting bridge.
Hence - you can’t replace an individual key which is a bummer - but cheaper keyboards just are like that