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Hello, I recently got an old classic 80’s casiotone MT-40 and even though it works it has a couple of faults and non working keys. This is such an old keyboard service for it or parts might be hard to find but I am reaching out to anyone that can get it running 100%! The only thing that I can see that is wrong with is the three keys to the left of the keyboard aren’t working which should be an easy fix. The second thing is the tone memory bank(1-4) don’t seem to be working as they should. The first and second seem to work but they don’t seem to be saving the key tones to the set banks(1-4). Saving the tones to the memory don’t seem to be working and unable to access the 22 tones on the keyboard just the two tones set in the memory. Maybe this is an easy fix or maybe not but still would like to get someone who knows and can identify the possible problems and get this keyboard running to its full potential without breaking the bank. I was hoping to find repair around $100 or less as this keyboard is very outdated and didn’t cost that when it was new probably. If anyone has any input or can refer me to someone that could diagnose and fix any problems that this keyboard has it would be very much appreciated. This is a classic 80’s relic and want this running 100%!Thank you very much. Dave. Casiotone MT-40

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The dead keys are likely just a dirty contact strip and/or contact board. A wash in some warm dishwater may solve the problem.

The memory issue is either an electronic thing that will be tough to track down, or it may possibly be an issue with the buttons. Not sure on that keyboard specifically, but many of those Casio products used rubber buttons with a conductive nub on the bottom - just like the key contacts. So maybe a cleaning of those would help. Especially if they are very near the non-working keys - maybe someone spilled something into that part of the keyboard.