CDP-230R Key Repairment

I’ve got an F#6 and Ab6 on my keyboard that don’t make noise anymore. The G still works between them. Just wondering if a replacement part could be an option, unsure of what to purchase. Damage likely due to water if it makes a difference. Let me know if fixing this is possible. Thanks!

Without looking at it, it would be hard to say.

This keyboard uses rubber contact strips. I would start by looking into them. Could be that they need cleaning or replacement. (Syntaur sells replacements)

If this was water damage then the circuit board might have corrosion. I woud replace the keyswitch circuit boards along with the rubber contacts to be safe

There could be a couple of bad traces - repairable if you have that ability. But a few more could be suspect if there is any corrosion.

Getting at the contact boards looks to be a small chore. Unless you don’t mind leaving the keyboard dismantled for a few weeks while waiting for parts, I’d agree with ordering a set of contacts and boards. Better to do this just once.