Clavinova CLP 860 Diagnostic Help

Hi Everybody, I’m Fred from New Caledonia (South Pacific Island).
I’ve a Clavinova CLP 860 that was working and since few days, when I start the red light is ON but nothing else. Is someone can help me to diagnose which electronic card or which component is defectuous.
many thanks by advance !

Take care of yourself :wink:

Aloha Fred
This is 99% a bad DM (main board) problem. Since this is a fairly old unit, the board is no longer available.
The other 1% is that ther might be a blown fuse on the FU60 board. Good luck

many thanks for your reply !
you mean this main board ? Main board, Yamaha CLP-860 - Syntaur
I’ve tested the fuse on this board and ut’s ok…one Yamaha FU60 AC-IN Board |
so like you say, more than 99% chance it’s the main board, I’m going to buy it and I’ll tell you
thanks again !!! i wish you a nice day !