Clavinova CVP-405 Backlight replacement


Hello, I have a CVP-405PE with a dead backlight, but the LCD is still working with a flashlight. I have a few questions about parts for this:

  1. Can I replace the backlight without replacing the entire LCD assembly?
  2. The LCD is hard to find, but I was able to find a CVP-401 LCD. Are they interchangeable or not?
  3. Is it possible or likely that the inverter is bad instead of the backlight? That part seems to be harder to find.
    Thanks for any help.


After contacting an authorized repair center, I’ve been told that Yamaha Japan doesn’t have the parts at all, and I’m SOL. Also that the 401 and 405 screens are different and cannot be interchanged.

Has anyone ever dissected the LCD module and attempted to retrofit a replacement backlight, perhaps using LEDs?


I’ve also confirmed that those displays are different, and the one you need is no longer available. The CVP-405 does use the same display as a PSR-S900, if that helps in your quest. Yamaha does not sell a separate backlight for this display.


Hey, thanks for the response Sam. That’s very interesting that the LCD is shared between the PSR-S900 and the CVP-405 - I did not know that. Searching for S900 displays is giving many more results, even if they are used or from China. At least I have something better to go on now.