Clavinova CVP-405 Backlight replacement

Hello, I have a CVP-405PE with a dead backlight, but the LCD is still working with a flashlight. I have a few questions about parts for this:

  1. Can I replace the backlight without replacing the entire LCD assembly?
  2. The LCD is hard to find, but I was able to find a CVP-401 LCD. Are they interchangeable or not?
  3. Is it possible or likely that the inverter is bad instead of the backlight? That part seems to be harder to find.
    Thanks for any help.

After contacting an authorized repair center, I’ve been told that Yamaha Japan doesn’t have the parts at all, and I’m SOL. Also that the 401 and 405 screens are different and cannot be interchanged.

Has anyone ever dissected the LCD module and attempted to retrofit a replacement backlight, perhaps using LEDs?

I’ve also confirmed that those displays are different, and the one you need is no longer available. The CVP-405 does use the same display as a PSR-S900, if that helps in your quest. Yamaha does not sell a separate backlight for this display.

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Hey, thanks for the response Sam. That’s very interesting that the LCD is shared between the PSR-S900 and the CVP-405 - I did not know that. Searching for S900 displays is giving many more results, even if they are used or from China. At least I have something better to go on now.

Hello,I have the same problem, how did end your story ?

I ended up just buying a crappy little 6" screen on Amazon and connecting it to the composite display output on the bottom of the piano, and setting the screen on top of the piano.

  1. Check if the inverter is working first - is high voltage be careful. These LCD screens have a backlight that works like a fluorescent tube.

  2. Trying the backlight tube from another screen only works if it is from the same screen - if the part number is different it most probably won’t work - tried many myself with very limited success.

  3. Best thing to do (IMHO) - get the manufacturer’s pat number off the bad screen then go eBay and get one from Hong Kong (done lots of these).

Here’s the thing:
The new screen will have a different high voltage connector for the backlight - you will have to cut it off the old and splice onto the new one - not hard. You also may have to unsolder the ground wire and solder onto the new one and also slightly re-route the flat cable.

Hey wernersaurus, I’m not a tech guy but have this same problem with my 405, if I bought one of these screens from Hong Kong do you think a local appliance technician could fit it? Glad of any advice you could offer. Cheers

Is not really hard - take off the top (3 screws at the back) - open the keyboard lid (makes the panel with the screen go back) and flip it up and fold forward and you have full access to the screen. remove a few cables and one or two circuit boards (can’t go wrong - none of the connectors is same - YAMAHA is very good in that) .
Before doing that - measure the voltage on the white and pink wire - is a few kV --> may arc a bit)
If that has no voltage then the inverter may be faulty - easy fix.
Else - remove screen - take new screen from HongKong (it will have a different connector on the pink/white cable). Cut it off but leave enough wire so you can splice the old connector on to it.
Cut the wires offset by about an inch - ie pink longer than white on connector - white longer than pink on new screen - less chance of shorting. Insulate each splice with shrink tubing.
Also - you will have to unsolder the ground wire from the old screen and solder onto new screen.

The flat cable will have to be routed a little different too.
Install new screen —> all done!!

@wernersaurus thanks for this I have finally got a replacement screen, so far so good but just having difficulty identifying where to solder the earth connection back on to the new screen - could you help?

Any help on this would be awesome, my piano is still sitting in pieces at the moment. Cheers