Clp 130 Yamaha distorts

Yamaha CPL130, My Yamaha 2014 CLP 130 distorts on piano voices and some others, but not on Bass voice and some other.some are very clear , as new.Does anyone have any idear what could cause this. Would be very grateful for your help.

Ahhmm … no - CLP-130 is 2002 model … ie 21 years old.

  • CLP-120[C] / CLP-130 / CLP-150[C][M] / CLP-170[C][M][PE] (2002/2003(PE))

To start with check the speakers … the rubber support probably has disintegrated.

Thanks for the info and digestion. I think I bought the Clp 130 in 2004 instead of 2014. It was the last on available in Kennaswa, Ga . They said it had been discontinued at that time. It has been a great piano, I played it about 4 times a month on
2 Different gigs for over 10 years 3’hours each night… Had big casters and galled it in my
8x12 trailer with my other equipment. Then all of a sudden it stated distorting on grand is no and some other voices. I cut the speakers off and it still does it though my amp and PA. The elf bass and dog house bass and some of the other voices do not distort at all. They sound great. I fount out today there may be a problem with the board that you plug into to got to an amp. When I move it very lightly it crack and pops if I hold a key down. Thank you for your concern.

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No problem - understand what you mean.
So - is not bad speakers because you have same going via line-out. My next best guess would be a bad DRAM chip … it’s where the CPU does its work.
As an example, I had another model not that long ago. Makes all sorts of noises when REVRB is enabled … works fine without reverb. Running self-test showed bad DRAM chip.

Maybe even a faulty tone generator chip … reads the tones from the wave RAM into DRAM for processing … but probably not since other tones/voices work fine.

Thank you for the info, I am no electronic man, I guess I better take it to one. But they are hard to find. Let me try turning reverb off, Thank You

Turned reverb off did not help. Thank you