Contact strip for M-Audio Prokeys 88 same as Alesis and Korg?

I bought a Prokeys 88 a few days ago for $50 and all it needs is one of the 12 note contact strips replaced as a single note was sticking on. I can see the broken rubber contact so I know that’s the issue.

The M-audio strips are out of stock on the Syntaur site, and Aliexpress can’t get one to me until some time in August. But here’s my question, judging by another site listing all sorts of keyboards that use the same exact strips, it looks like I could use one meant for a QS88:

Does anyone know if this is the case. I have mine in my hand and the screen shot looks identical except for the smaller/shorter feet being really short on the one for the QS88.

The other site I found one on (for twice the price) listed these as all using the same:
Korg X5
Korg TR76
Korg TR61
Korg PA60
Korg PA80
Korg N264
Korg PA1X
Korg PA60
Alesis QS6
Alesis QS7
Alesis QS8
M Audio Prokeys 88SX

I don’t have the 88SX, I have the 88, but again, the strip looks practically identical to the one listed for the Prokeys 88 and the one I pulled from mine.

Here’s the out of stock Prokeys 88 version:


I don’t have any experience with those models, but I agree that they look very similar from the pictures. It couldn’t hurt to try.

Yep, I looked at a few other keyboards that use the same strip and just ordered one. Hopefully it’ll ship soon so I can get this thing put back together. Thanks!

TO follow up on this, I cut the new strip to only 4 notes in case it was slightly different. So far I haven’t noticed anything different about those 4 keys, so you CAN swap contact strips if you’re careful to get the right one.

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