Convert 220V Ensoniq TS-10 to 110V

I have a 220V Ensoniq TS-10 that I would like to convert to 110V.

It seems I can just swap in a transformer from a 110V ASR-10 or TS-10, upgrade the fuses, and it should work? Anything else I should be aware of?



from the TS-10/TS-12 Service Manual:

And they’re weird voltages in there too:

I think you’re on the hunt for a transformer

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I am not familiar with the Ensoniq TS-10, I assume this is a Europe model (220v) you want to use in the USA. If this is the case, you might need to take into consideration the line frequency too.

Good Luck on the conversion,


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This is a huge help. I looked through the service manuals and confirmed that an ASR-10 transformer won’t work (the output voltages are indeed different).

I was able to track down a TS-10 transformer from He confirmed the job should be as simple as removing the 220v transformer and installing the 110v.

Thanks again!

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