Convert a 220V Ensoniq SQ80 unit into 110V unit

Hi !

Quick question regarding my Ensoniq SQ80… It is a 220V unit and i can use an external converter of course but I would like if possible to just turn it into a 110V US unit.

From my research it looks like simply replacing the Power transformer with a 110V US version is all it takes but im also not expert enough to just assume it is the case.

Can someone validate this statement ?

Thank you

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Yes that’s true. Additionally transformer physical size varies with its power rating in Watts. So find one that physically fits while meeting or exceeding minimum power rating required. Check original 220V unit for its power rating. Oh mounting holes for attaching machine screws are usually not spaced same distances apart. Tis a hassle. You are lucky if they align and match original spacing. Good luck.