CP300 yamaha repair

Can we get the new power transformer for cp300 yamaha for buying?

CP-300 … that is 1978 model.

Never heard of a transformer go bad ever !?!?

Why you think you need a transformer ?

I am from India, the standard power supply we use here is 220V because of which we need to use another adapter which converts it to 110V supply to cp300 yamaha. It happened like this one day, some user by mistake have given direct supply of 220V without using the adapter. So the piano stopped working from that day on. I tried to detect what really happened and which device got damaged. Finally I found that the power transformer is gone, damaging the primary winding of the transformer. So this is my problem now.

Ouch !!! Not good at all …

… have to get the word out there … if one of that vintage is to be dumped … does happen occasionally … can salvage the transformer (I abandoned one about 6 months ago sadly :cry: )

Actually, the CP-300 is from 2006. We have the US version (120V) transformer available as a special order part:

The transformers for Euro and Asian mains are no longer available from Yamaha.

Hmmm … I assumed CP-300 (that is 1978) whereas CP300 is 2006 … need to verify this first