Crumar Performer Modulation Rate potentiometer slider


I have been looking online for 1M potentiometer slider, which only modulation rate uses, all the others I did not have problem to find but this particular one does not appear!
As mine broke off I need a replacement, does anyone has a solution for this?

Thanks for the help

Hi - There’s a pretty good selection of 1M sliders over at, which is a good electronics vendor I’ve worked with often. You might have to get some calipers out and make some mechanical measurements to make sure you get one that fits right.

The problem, though, is that none of the currently available pots will have the same form factor. The Crumar pots are much larger than most, and the thick plastic stem is quite different from the thin metal stems used on modern pots - the Crumar slider knob won’t fit onto anything else.

So while you can easily find a 1M pot, finding one that will mount in the Performer and accept the slider knob (so that it looks original) will be a challenge.

Thanks for your answers, very helpful!
Thanks to this issue I found a cheaper way to fix all my broken crumar performer potentiometers, I found on ebay a couple of piher potentiometers (same model used on crumar) which have the same dimensions but different values, so I will just remove the shaft from those I bought to the ones on the crumar performer.
It will be a lot of work but a good solution.

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Yes, that is a great solution! And while the pots are open, you can get the contacts and carbon strips nice and clean. Good luck!

That’s a really good idea; that should help give more life to it. I’ve cleaned a few of these pots on mic mixers with a Q-tip with graphite on the end of it, but it’s possible to leave behind some stray cotton strands if you aren’t looking pretty closely. I hope you’re able to get it all the way back to 100% functional. Best wishes!

the faders arrived yesterday!
when I have the time will start to work on it, once is done I will let you know if I sucesseded .

best regards

hi there

finally managed to change the broken things and it is good as new!
highly recommended!
it’s a lot of work but I only spent around 40€ to replace the potentiometers

thanks for your help!

Excellent news, thanks!

Hi, I know this is an old post, but hopefully you will see. Im trying to perform the same operation on my Crumar, but can’t seem to get the Piher slide pots apart. No metal clasps on the bottom like others. Just wondering how you did this. Thanks


I am not sure if understood what you mean but if I don’t answer to your question just explain again and I will try my best to help.
This operation required soldering and someone good for the job so a tech guy did it for me and he said it was tricky to do it. You have to open it very carefully to not break the little pieces that maintain it closed and intact. Is it clear what I mean?

Yes. I talked to my tech fellow and we figured it out. Thanks for the reply