Crumar performer noise issue on all "G" keys

Hello all. This is my first post and I have a few simple repairs under my belt (bypass broken traces, clean contacts, etc. …). I recently acquired a Crumar Performer and it was in rough shape as far as cleanliness. I cleaned up all of the caked up dust in it and gave it a test… everything seems to be responsive, including every key/pot/slider. My problem is that every G key plays modulated white noise when pressed. None of the other keys present this problem when played and the signal sounds pretty clean. I’ve re seated most of the ICs and cleaned/visually checked everything I can without luck. Anyone have any pointers? At this time I am not sure where else to start tracing this issue. Thanks!

This issue is fixed. One of the connectors from the keybed had a loose wire so I soldered the wire directly to the corresponding pin on the board.