CVP 309 key repair

I play for a church and we have Clavinova CVP 309 (I know it’s old). Palm Sunday it began making a clicking sound when I play and some of the keys now stick. Any idea what the problem may be and how I can fix it?

most likey needs a new keyboard assembly. These sticky keys cannot be fixed. Eventually many more keys will fail. part # WV830001 $719.98 from yamaha

I suppose the clicking sound is kind of “metallic” !?

Take the top off - 3 screws at the rear the pull forward.

You may find the top foam strip has come off (common issue) and hangs down behind the key weights. Some of the weights may have become entangled in the foam hanging down and now are “stuck”.

Get a tech to remove the keyframe (not hard) and replace both Upper and Lower foam strips - about $25 each (that’s a guess)