Cyclone Analogic Bass Bot TT-303, unable to write patterns

So I got this tt-303 and it has a major issue, that being writing patterns. I am not that familiar with 303s really so I didn’t even bother learning the sequencer once I got it and have just been sequencing it in ableton and it has been working perfectly, the sound and sending slides and accent midi-cc seems to all work good. Even playback of preprogrammed patterns is fine, the issue is solely with writing.

So here are some issues I encounter. First off, some keys just aren’t working or, well they are but they give the note of a key next to them as if they were locked off due to me being in a certain key or something. Secondly, when I program a pattern as per the instructions. Find a pattern, go into pitch mode, enter note, write/next, repeat and then after I have sequenced the notes I add steps with the function key held down it just repeats whatever note I last entered indefinitely. So it doesn’t seem like it registered anything I did.

I tried resetting the firmware but that didn’t do nothing. I am looking to sell this unit so I want to sort it out as they fetch about 650 euros currently but I think most people want a fully functioning unit. Is anyone familiar with these units that could give me an idea of what might be at fault here and an estimate of how annoying/expensive it’d be to fix.