CZ-101 relay the wrong size?

I ordered Syntaur part 7740, the relay for a Casio CZ-101 and it’s a lot smaller than the original. So much so that it doesn’t fit in the holes. Is this just the way it is and I need to find a way to rig it up? Or did I maybe get sent the wrong part? I’m writing this from work so I can’t check the numbers on the part, but I figured I’d post here in case there’s something I’m missing.


It looks like our stock of these was indeed incorrect - I’m very sorry about that! We have the correct part on its way to us, and I am having one of those shipped to you once they arrive. There’s no need to return the other. Thank you for alerting us to this - and thanks for your patience and understanding!

No problem, at least I’m not crazy lol. Thanks!