D-110 power switch assembly


we have here a Roland D-110 on which the original power switch has been replaced.

An original switch still sits on the pcb:

(Btw: it looks a little different from the one the syntaur shop lists; shorter switch axis)

The suitable switchcap is available at syntaur.
The question now is: was there a lever between the cap and the switch?

Best regards

Hi Florian,

The shaft of that original switch has broken away - it should be longer, as in the photo on our site:

Then the switch cap presses onto the switch shaft directly. As you can see, we don’t have that switch available, but we do have this one:

It is identical, except for an additional solder lug. You could simply clip that center lug off, and use the #2227 as a DPST switch.

Hi Sam, thanks! That is what I expected, but the original owner didn’t want to believe… :wink:

Hi Sam,

now I’ve got some full picture from my colleague. (I don’t have the synth in front of me).

He is talking about the long black rod which leads from the button to the switch. Do you have this part occasionally.

We did just put that part in stock a few days ago!

Note that for the D110, it looks like there are a couple of ‘sleeves’ that extent the length of this arm to the power switch cap, and we do not have those available. If you have the service manual, they are parts 17 and 18 in the listing on page 2.