D50 Power Transformer Hum

Hi - I recently picked up a very good condition Roland D50. Everything works great but I have noticed a slight hum from the right side which I assume is the power transformer inside. It’s a 240v configuration. What’s the general approach to correcting this? Is it acoustical and I should look to tighten things down or is this a sign of an old transformer requiring a modern upgrade?

Thanks in advance.

Do you mean you hear it on the right side of the outputs? or are you hearing it outside the chassis of the synth?
If it’s on the right output, it could be the filter capacitors failing in the power supply.

I think I have exactly the same on my D50, it’s a 240v version as well.
The hum is acoustic from the case and not present on any of the audio outputs.
I found that placing it on a soft surface or even a bit of foam between the keyboard and stand helps quieten it.
A friend who does power electronics thinks that it is the transformer ageing and is probably putting out more harmonics than when it was new, but if the PSU conditioning is coping with filtering them out it then no need to change it.
Of course if it gets to the point that it starts getting on to the output I might have to pick up the screwdriver!

Weird. Are you sure that you’re not hearing the inverter that is used to drive the backlight for the LCD display? They tend to get louder when the backlight (EL-Panel) is about to burn out. Is it high pitch sounding?

Hi - sorry should have clarified. The hum isn’t at the audio - it’s from the chassis on the right where the power inlet is.

JamesG - Yep this is the same thing and to be expected with older gear. It’s not so bad but I’m pretty OCD about these things in my studio! For now I’ll live with it but when/if I open up the case for maintenance I’ll see if I can tighten down the transformer or maybe use rubber grommets.

Is there even an option to replace it with a modern, new transformer if it came to that? I don’t see the sense in putting another 1980’s part into it.