DDrum 4 pot / knob. Need source for new one

Hi gang. Trying to find a potentiometer for this. Just one, not the whole array of rotating pots. I don’t want to attempt a repair of the actual knob as my friend wants to sell this unit and I’d like it to be as close to OEM as possible.

As you can see these have a very particular height and ridges with the notch for position indication. I do not have the unit with me any longer so I can’t get a micrometer on it. Hoping someone knows some specs of this.

The problem is you have to push down on the knob to get the volume to come in. This means the little contact in the potentiometer has been messed with too much and has become raised. I could chip the melt tabs and bend it back down, but again to sell the unit it becomes a non-oem style repair.

Any help is appreciated.

look on digikey cause you haven’t told us the pot value, if it linear or logarithmic, or it has any detents,


The markings on it are 0143 printed on the black in white ink. and A200K embossed in the metal.
I’ll add that to the main part of the topic. I’ll check Digikey also, thanks!

Embossed in metal A200k
Written in white on the back 0143

looks very close to a Pro Audio Pot from Bourns, this one at Digikey.

However double check your pot with Bourns, include pic just to be sure.