Dead Yamaha dx100

well, here we go again, i’ve seen this little synth for 80 dlls, the guy says he tested the synth with batteries and NOT with the ac adapter (which he doesn’t have either) and only the power light shows up…and nothing else, there’s nothing in the screen, that’s it.
i don’t know what is wrong with the synth.
i am disposed to repair that synth, i haven’t bought it yet, but i need some help what could it be
thank you, and i’ll be pendant of your response

If you’re lucky, replace the backup battery and reinitialise.

Could be a blown regulator, the voltage regulator accepts 12v and produces +5 and -3v.

but, could it be a fried chip too?
i hope all the yamaha special chips were intact

Do you have a Voltage meter? If so test the voltage… Center pin polarity also…

$5 says the screen contrast is turned all the way down. I had a buyer flip out because he thought the DX100 I sold him wasn’t working, but the power light came on (he didn’t get so far as testing the audio output yet LOL). Turned the contrast dial, and it worked just fine.

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bah, too late, was already sold