Deckard's Dream Mk2 - No Audio, Schematic Anyone?

I’m really stumped… A friend sent me his beloved Black Corp Deckard’s Dream mk2.2 which suddenly stopped generating audio (both headphones and line out). This unit was purchased fully assembled, though not directly from Black Corp, and not as a kit. It had been working when he got it, but a month ago it went silent.

The unit is receiving booting up, receiving MIDI activity and all controls appear to change parameters correctly.

The real challenge is that I can find no useful schematics for this model. It differs greatly from the Mk 1 kit form of the product. The few mk 2 diagrams I have found are grossly incomplete, and provide very little useful information.

The PCBs are very good quality, but are black and obscure the underlying traces. Furthermore, they provide no markings of component number or value, so as helpful as a schematic diagram would be, a companion layout diagram would be even more helpful.

The +3.3v, +5v, and +/-12v rails are all up. I’ve spent way too many hours looking up chips online and testing power, enable and data states… I’m getting nowhere with this thing.

I thought I’d reach out here in the hope that someone has tackled this model before, or might have more complete documentation…?

Troubled in Thailand,

A happy result… In the end, I put the 8 oscillator board aside, hit all the sockets and pins, jacks and pots with DeOxit, removed, inspected and resoldered the output and headphone jacks, and did a final hot-air reflow of the logic board… reassembled it and I’ll be darned if it didn’t just work.

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