Defective Analogue Renaissance 80017a chip?

Hello there, I recently got a pair of Analogue Renaissance 80017a chips from Syntaur to replace a dead voice on two Juno 106’s I am servicing and I think one of the chips I received could be defective. My Juno had a crackling sound on the filter on voice 3 which would start after it had been on for about half an hour. I had read that this was a symptom of a bad VCF on a chip and replaced it with an analogue renaissance chip. After replacing the chip, there was no sound at all coming out of that voice. I’ve checked solder joints and traces, let it warm up, ran through the calibration process and it didn’t respond at all. I re-installed the original chip back into the synth and the voice came back, exactly how it was. Fully functional until it’s been left on for a half hour where the extreme resonance cracking filter sound returns on the voice in question.

The other chip I received replaced a bad voice on another Juno and went in just fine, with no calibration needed at all. Have you ever had anyone get a dud chip? I tried everything I could possibly think of and the only conclusion I could reach is that the chip could be bad. I found someone online who had received a few duds in the batch they got. Wondering if anyone else has encountered this and found a solution?

Any help would be greatly appreciated