Digital Piano Replacement Key

Good Morning all,

I am an acoustic piano tuner and folks often call me to request repair parts for digital pianos. The latest is a replacement key for an Alesis Recital Pro-88 Key Digital Piano Keyboard-Hammer action weighted keys. There are no digital piano repair folks within a 200 mile radius, so it is often up to me to try to troubleshoot digital problems.

Do you all have any suggestions?

unfortunately, this model is a cheap keyboard that retails under $400. Parts like keys and circuit boards are pretty non existent on the web. If the key is cracked use epoxy to repair it . If it’s some other issue good luck

Also, feel free to post to me if you get stuck on any digital piano service.

Thank you, PCM Tech. That is quite kind of you. I think that I can steal the top most “A” key and replace the broken one with that. I just need to learn how to remove the good key and replace the broken one with it. Is there anything online that teaches how to do that?

No acoustic piano tuner that I know will even touch digital pianos. The one guy who was working on them fell in to a lucrative gig doing rental lighting, so he is completely out of it now. There is one other guy who works on organs and digitals, but he is completely slammed working on electronics over a 300 mile region.
Thank you so much

top A key won’t work since all other A’s are notched for black keys

electronic pianos/keyboards are all I do here

The bad key is the A below middle C and here is a picture of the broken part…

So the top key won’t work?

no, the top key won’t fit.

send a pic of a good white key. It’s hard to see exactly where you say it’s broken. It looks unlike typical keys by yamaha, roland, casio,kawai….
it the part circled is broken off (that’s what it looks like) then you must use epoxy and a piece of plastic to rebuild it. you might consider something like a tab that holds the end of a loaf of bread. It’s strong enough. Or similar.

and what is that black thing laying off to the side?

I will get a pic from the customer. She emailed me out of the blue on this, so I am trying to do everything by proxy until I actually go to her house.

I think the black thing is the part that broke off the bottom of the piano key.

Would it be beneficial for me to find a junked digital piano and take it apart to see if I can learn how to do a few basic things? I don’t think I could do much with circuit boards, but I might be able to blow off contacts, fix broken keys…so that I would not be abusing your kindness too much.

she should remove another good white key and black key, take a picture of them upside down next to the broken key.
Or tell her to purchase a Yamaha P71 for under $500 on Amazon . that

will be better than trying to fix that junk…

or, you can order the whole new keybed from Instrument Parts.
part #1020601380-A
$259 .05