Drumtraks Tape Load: Help!

Hi, is there some one here who will accept an email .wav file from me and try to load it into their Drumtraks via the Load button? I’ve been wrestling /tweaking this file for 3 weeks and can produce the Blinking Light error and then tweak up/down even by tenths of a dB and still won’t load. None of my tape saves (from 30 years ago) will load but I got a .wav factory file from Wine and it loaded right away.

I only have a $30 hand-held cassette player at this point and I’m wanting to find out if its a poor transfer from that crappy tape player to my DAW or if the tapes are not good; they sound good with the proper machine chatter and all. If I can’t get this tape to load the project (Back to the 80’s) is dead :frowning:

Anyone, anyone, Bueller? Bueller?? LOL


Hello Karma, You can send me your file I can test it with my Drumtraks.