DSI PolyEvolver keyboard

Bought this synth new and now annoyed by seeing “values” jump erratically when any encoder is slowly turned. Not sure if that’s something that is even repairable ??.. otherwise it sounds and plays great !!
I’m thinking it’s time to sell or trade it rather than repair.
ANYONE else having erratic rather than smooth numerical changes while turning encoders ?


this is a very common issue with the Evolver encoders. They had a replacement kit available on the DSI (now www.sequential.com) website for several years but now they seem to be sold out. Evolvers with replaced rotary encoders are referred to as “Pot edition”.

I have the same issue with my PolyEvolver and MonoEvolver. It is a shame for otherwise fantastic synths…

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THANKS for your reply !!… I had never heard of this.
I’d better hang onto it and enjoy it.