DX27 - unable to identify missing parts

I bought a broken DX27 as my first synth repair project. A few parts have been removed from the board and I’ve been looking for a resource to identify the part names to no avail. It’s missing the clip for the 3v internal battery but I’ve worked out what I need for that. Other than that, it’s missing CN13, CN14, CN4, and CN12. I looked through the parts/repair sheet and owner’s manual online but I couldn’t find the actual name of the part.
If anyone could direct me to a resource where I could find that, it would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance,

EDIT: From pictures of main boards of the DX27 and DX100, I can’t seem to find one with a CN12 like mine - they don’t seem to have it on the PCB.

I have a DX-100 inbound. When it arrives, I’ll take a snapshot if that helps. Respond to this message in a week or so and I’ll see it in my email

if you don’t have decent soldering skills abd the right tools, fixin boards may not be for you.i could give you a tool list and well as others,if you’re just starting out,without them ,you’ll just make a bigger problem than you had.Fixin stuff like this is not for everyone.i do amps and mixers as well as boardsand seen some horrible “mods” and damage.If anyones looking, I have a client with a really nice clean Korg MicroX in factory no scratches case for sale.