DX7 II Screws specifications

I’m a DX7 mkII owner and my dx7 is missing I bunch of screws in the back and the bottom, I was wondering if anyone knew the type of screws I need to get?

I think any machine screws will be metric sizes, so they may not be easy to find.

Does this help?

I’m looking for the same screws. I called Yamaha 24x7 parts service and gave them the part numbers from the last page of the service manual, and only one didn’t come up “obsolete.” It’s screw C as shown in the other user’s diagram of the bottom, and Yamaha’s part number is WE96900R. You can reach them at 888-892-6242.

I’m assuming that these are metric sized screws, but I don’t know what the 4x 8, 4 x 6, etc. refer to. If they were M4 screws, I think they’d be larger in diameter.