DX7II diagnostic program

Below is a link to a service bulletin detailing a multi-step procedure for checking out the systems in a Yamaha DX7II. You press “yes” after each step to advance to the next one. The problem is that each step has to be completed before the display reads “ok” or “ng,” and you can press “yes.”

Since I don’t have a breath controller, I can’t access other things like the MIDI test. Does anyone know if it’s possible to skip steps with this procedure?


That seems like a pretty big oversight in the design of the test, unless eventually the test fails… (Afterall, even if you did have a BC, and it was broken, isn’t that the point of the test?!) the test doesn’t eventually time out and give you the “ng”? I only have an original DX7 (not II) but would assume any test like this would have a reasonable time limit!