E-MU E-Synth E4K boot problem

I left the E-synth (Keyboard NOT rack version) on for about 2 days. Upon returning to play it, I realized that not only had I left it powered on for 2 days, many of the LEDS were on (disk,scsi,page L&R, couple of others). It won’t scan the FDD when powered up, and only shows some lines on LCD.
It did say “E-NU” once, scrambling letters on the splash/boot screen.
Replaced power supply but no change.
Is this a lost cause to send off for repair?
Considered ERP for repair but really like to support Syntaur.

We actually don’t do outside repairs here - we’re too busy with in-house projects. But EPR Electronics (I think that’s who you meant to say) in the Tampa area is the master of all things E-mu.

Thanks Sam! I was wanting to give you guys some repair business but EPR sounds like a wise choice for E-MU. I do have 2 Peavey DPM3se keyboards worth of parts if you need anything from those. I found a third working DPM3se to keep. Let me know if you need any clean parts for the forgotten Peavey DPM3. Thanks for the reply!
Keep them videos coming.