E-MU E4K RAM Dataline Test Failed

Hey all,

Hoping someone might be able to point me in the right direction with this one. I’m a tech located near Sydney, Australia.

I have an E-MU E4K which didn’t turn on at all. I’ve repaired the power supply and uploaded EOS and it now powers up and boots fine.

Unfortunately it does not find any sample RAM. This is apparent as part of the boot messages and also in the Master Information menu.

The RAM diagnostic confirms a RAM fault: “Dataline Test Failed”

I’ve also tested each RAM individually but with no success. Also tried another RAM that I had. I guess there is a possibility all 3 are faulty, but hopefully unlikely.

I haven’t found any information about this fault and was hoping someone might have experienced this particular fault and help me narrow down the source before I go belling out all the data lines.

Cheers, Ed.