E-Mu ESi 2000 - Sample Management/Preset Definition Buttons Unresponsive

Hello everyone. I have an emulator ESI 2000 with a very unique problem. On the entire board, everything works great. It has been working great for the longest time. All of a sudden, as of this morning, the “sample management” button and the “preset definition” stopped working. All other functionality on the sampler unit works perfectly fine. I can load banks, the menu systems work fine. Those two buttons do not. The corresponding red LEDs light up when the unit is turned on and go through it and boot check process. I went to: Master/Global -> Special -> Diagnostics (option “0”) -> Panel/Keyboard Test. The buttons are not registering any action. I find it odd that these two buttons just randomly go out. They are on top of each other.

The only thing different I’ve done was connect my old SCSI drive. I have an old Dell Dimension 3000 (2004) computer running Windows XP. I use Sound Forge 6 to record samples for the Esi 2K. I also use ESiWin to transfer banks from my computer to the SCSI drive which is daisy-chained to the ESi. The issue persists even if it is unplugged.

Is anyone familiar with this issue? I disassembled the unit and their soldering looks fine, there are no signs of damage, as it all looks pristine.