E-Mu Proteus/1 /2 /3 screen options

I’d like to replace the screen on my Proteus/3. It’s a pretty standard 16x2 display that I should be able to replace with any HD44780 LCD. But the E-Mu has a ribbon cable, and I’ll have to manually solder all 14 wires of the ribbon cable if I can’t find something with a compatible connector.

Here’s someone else who replaced the screen with a Winstar WEH001602C.

There’s someone on Reverb selling replacement screens for the newer 16-character E-Mus, but I don’t know if it’d fit the original Proteus, and he’s charging as much as the whole synth is worth. It’ll only let me put 2 links in the message, but you can search for “OLED Display Upgrade - E-mu Orbit Morpheus Vintage / Classic Keys Proteus Ultra / FX” on Reverb.

Does anybody have experience with this or know where I could get a screen?

If I manually solder the pins … would it work to get a standard 14-pin ribbon cable with 2.54mm pitch and just chop one end off and solder it to the new screen? Something like this?