E-Mu schematics or service manuals?

Anyone have a source for E-Mu schematics or service manuals for Proteus synths from early 2000s? Keyboard, rack module or tabletop “command” stations?


hi, no never seen any schematics past the one that is on the WWW for the Emu Ultra Sampler, in fact that was elusive at some point.

The Proteus 2000s are very well made and should not have any problems that say exhibit on Ensoniq gear. I have had to replace a SMPS on a Vintage Keyboard and that’s about it

Sure, I am trying to “hack” a Proteus PK6 mainboard (bought ‘as-is’) to get it working without the rest of the unit. Keyboard, buttons and LED indictors should not be needed. I have power applied (+5V, +12V and -12V) and added a display, but nothing shows on LCD display. I also don’t have a ROM sound module to work with - so maybe that is preventing boot up - although I would think it would display an error message. The flash memory could also be corrupted - having the schematic would help.

I have had success with Alesis QS6/QS8 and Micron mainboards, Yamaha DX7S and CS1X mainboards. Just need power, LCD display, MIDI input and sound comes out. :slight_smile:

-Mike K.

from memory the LCD may not be wired up correctly. check carefully, E-mu, on the Proteus did it the other way around and check the contrast…added a trimmer if necessary. Which brand LCD are you using?