E-MU XBoard 49 pitch wheel not working

I got the keybed issues sorted out on this XBoard 49 but because I bought it for vintage keys (Hammond, Rhodes, Acoustic Piano) it took me three weeks since getting the controller to learn that the pitch wheel isn’t working. When I move it there is no indication in the LED display that I’ve moved it.

So far I have done a visual inspection - the cable looks very good, the 3 pin connector end is good. The pot cable connection solder joints look good. The Pitchwheel assembly looks very clean, perhaps it’s a replacement that wasn’t wired up correctly? Does anyone have circuit diagrams for the XBoard?

I thought perhaps a reset would resolve this issue but I’ve discovered is that I can’t reset this XBoard. I press and hold Home, Edit, Patch Select and Midi Channel and nothing happens. Is there another way to reset an XBoard? Perhaps jumping some pins on the mainboard?