Elka MK88 service

Just got an Elka MK88 - and of course the aftertuch is not working. I need to so service - change the rubber strip that sells here is the obvious, are there any other parts wich wears that would be good to change ? If so, were can I find them ?

Sometimes its not the rubber strip, several other forums listed dry solder connections and a problem with the power supply. Can you get it to work using midi? If midi works then its not the rubber strip.

I can’t find a source for a replacement strip. There are conductive rubber pad replacements that show up on ebay from time to time, and conductive paint that works, but is hard to get consistent depth so all keys hit evenly.

” Can you get it to work using midi? If midi works then its not the rubber strip.”

I get basic midi out signal, on / off and velocity. And I can get aftertuch on some keys if i press very hard. I then keep pressing the key after it hit bottom. What conclusion can be made of that ?

The spare rubberstrip is sold here. Like $15. Plan now is to take it all apart, clean sensors and change the pads. ( if I can find any spare pads) and a new rubber strip. There are som midi notes that are not ”clean”, so there seems to be some wear. This must have been a wonderfull keybed when new.

But I’d like to be sure there’s no other fault with it before I put in all the work. Have you found any info on MK88 on other sites ?

Thanks :pray: for your input. Much obliged !

I think what was meant, was to connect a separate remote keynoard via MIDI cable into the Elka MIDI IN port, set the program config to respond to incoming MIDI data, and play the remote keyboard and listen to the Elka voices play, testing aftertouch pressure remotely. That bypasses your Elka keys and contacts, for isolation and possible elimination. If all sounds normal when played remotely then it suggests the problem is with the Elka keys, contacts, strips, etc. Conversely if the aftertouch still malfunctions in the same way, then perhaps the keyboard is not at fault, but it might be in the program patches, or memory. In that case you might want to back up program data and try a hard reset, if available on that model.