Emax HD Sampling Keyboard

I have a EMU-Emax HD Digital Sampling Keyboard. When I turn it on the hard disk starts to boot up, then goes into a beep-beep sound about every 5 seconds and continues. When I put in a floppy, it loads the floppy and the beep-beep goes away. At that point, I can select sounds from the floppy. I don’t know if my hard disk is shot or if it needs to be formatted from the floppy or if that’s even possible. Can the hard disk be re-booted?
Thank you!

Sounds like it’s shot. Replace it with a SCSI2SD unit instead. Best solution for the Emax HD.

Thanks for your reply.
I’m not very good with techy stuff at all so please forgive me.
I don’t know what a SCS12SD is??
Is it a drive that fits inside the emax or external?
Who’s it made by and where can I buy one?
Thanks again for your help, MUCH appreciated!