Emu Emax 2 issues

My HO52 arrived today. My first impressions are good. The display is very readable - even with these tired eyes. The interface will take a bit of getting used to, but it will do many of the things that I can do with my Siglent SDS 1202X-E. If I were anticipating doing some calibrations in the field I would have opted for the HO52S.

However… I ran into a few snags

I found an item in the menus for updating the unit. Do not do this… It does not ask you yes or no - it tells you to restart and complains that it can’t find the updates. After I got it running again, all text was in chinese - and my grasp of the language is very poor. Took forever to find the language settings to get it back to English

My only hesitation in getting the Hanmatek was that I couldn’t find a support site for it. In the end, I decided that the Hanmatek looked better than the Owon. If it does what I need it to do, then updates won’t really matter. But… The CD that came with mine was cracked. I thought I might have to return it over something as trivial as a file that could be sent over email. Somehow or other, I was able to copy the application off of the disc - even though it is the largest file. The manual copied too, but not the USB drivers. Don’t ask me how, but I think the program is working. Not that it looks all that useful…

The channels are not isolated from each other or the ground on the USB cable. This is not an issue when tracing audio signals, but something to keep in mind when diagnosing power supplies.

I have the disk somewhere, I can email anything you need.

Thanks for that!

I thought that was odd. When I plugged my scope into my PC, it didn’t complain about an unidentified device. The software even worked without installing the driver.

On a whim, I checked the Hanmatek usbdrv folder against an OWON VDS1022I scope that had already been installed on that PC. Identical. Even the same vid and pid. This seems to be a generic usb host owned by OWON.

OWON has an updated version of the software on their support page. It’s now at 1.2.5.v20220429 No idea what the changes are, but it’s working safely on mine. That at least gives us an update channel.

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