EMU Emax weird screen display

Hi everyone,

I bought a beat up second hand Emax. It was quite dusty, so I opened it, cleaned it (very gently with apropriate cleaner) and changed the non working floppy disk reader for a Lotharek SD floppy emulator.
When I powered it up again, the display keeps showing weird letters.
While booting, the first line is all black and the second one all blank, and while operating, the two lines show random digits that change constantly.
The problem remains when I try to operate the machine, but I feel the Emax is following the different operating orders I dial in. It looks like it is really a display matter.

Any ideas ?

Thanks in advance !!

Does it make any sounds? Start with checking the PSU voltage rails.

Hi all,
Finally, I re-opened the Emax, unscrewed all the parts and put everything back up again, making sure everything was back in place, and the screen began acting normally again. Loading, making sounds, seems quite ok for me till now.

Thank you !