Emu Panel Board E5000 Ultra

On my E5000 I have a sticky audition button,a stiff/crackly volume pot and a display that needs replacing. I can see the parts are available -are they easy to install (soldering free) and do the parts come with instructions? ( Volume part # 9710 - Panel Board part # 10548- Display part #9706 ) Is the unit easy to fully disaasemble?
Any pointers will be greatly appreciated.


No there’s no instructions, and you should take it to a tech as the capacitors are time expired if they haven’t been changed out.

A crackly pot can be dirty, or it can be faulty, or its getting too much power from bad capacitors in the circuit chain.

Don’t take this the wrong way, but the last thing inexperienced people should do is mess with chipsets that are irreplaceable, and you can easily fry them.

Other have pursued the easy fix in their minds, and made horror shows and done irreparable damage to their units.

Sorry if this isn’t the answer you were expecting.

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thanks for taking the time to reply - good to know its not as straight forward as it appears…
might you have a recommendation for a tech that might be able to do the work? ( I live in CT)

It requires quite a bit of disassembly to install those parts so I’d only recommend doing it yourself if you have some experience with repairing electronics.

We have a list of service centers we know of on our website:

hi Travis
Thanks - yes I am pretty experieced at repairing electronics ( basic electrical engineering) - I just dont want to do any fine soldering. The parts look like they screw or sit in slots.
If its a logical and fairly easy proceedure I think I’d be happy to do it.
Thanks for the list.

There is no soldering involved, just disassembling the unit, disconnecting cables and removing the old boards. Then reinstalling the new ones and reassembling. It’s helpful to take some pictures of the inside of the unit before you disconnect anything in case you forget how it was put together. If you decide to do it yourself and have any questions during the process feel free to ask for help on the forum.

will do so
thanks Travis
much appreciated

Sorry again, I’m in Canada. Contact a local music store that sells synths, they should have or know of somebody local.