End Caps for Yamaha MOX8

I’m looking for replacement end caps - new or used - for a Yamaha MOX8. I don’t see them listed on www.syntaur.com or on competitors websites. Also don’t see any on eBay or Reverb. Any leads?

Yamaha has these still available.
L is WV338300 about $32.00
R is WV338200 about $35.00

That’s awesome! Do you know how I order them? I don’t see, on the Yamaha site, where I can do that.

Go to yamaha24x7.com and create a user account.

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Just placed order. Thank you for your help!

Follow up question for PCM-tech. Any idea what the part numbers would be for the upper case assembly and lower case assembly? (When I open the board to replace the end caps, I discovered additional damage to the upper and lower case. Thinking about replacing both, if it’s not cost prohibitive.) I can’t seem to find part numbers to ender on yamaha24x7.com site. Thanks in advance!

Sorry, just saw your post
Both upper and lower case in stock and available at Yamaha
upper part with print WU819700
lower part WU818200