Ensonic KT88 Battery / Reset

Hi, I got in a Ensoniq KT 88 with a low battery message.
I replaced the battery, and now all I get is a black screen.
Do I need to do a reset or reload the software, or did something go wrong?
I recheck the battery and cables to the board.
Thanks Jon

Something else is wrong. If you press any buttons on the front panel, do you see anything appear in the display? If so, it is not talking to the main board - and that points to a ribbon cable issue.

I recently replaced a battery to get rid of that message, and there were quite a few ribbon cables to undo to get access, if I remember correctly. I believe I took pics before I undid them, as a reference so I know how to put things back when Iā€™m done (always a good idea).

Hi. If this issue has not been resolved please let me know or look for a post that I recently put on the forum here regarding an Ensoniq E-Prime battery replacement issue.
Let me know if you have any questions

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