Ensoniq Asr-10 ROM upgrade

Hey there, I have acquired an 1994 Asr10 sampler with no OS disks and unknown if it works

I have put a Gotek floppy emulator in that works well with my EPS16, and tried to load an OS from .img file 1.00 which I downloaded from http://zine.r-massive.com/ensoniq-asr-eps-archive/

I have opened the unit and it has 1.0 ROM chips fitted, so in this state I can’t load up the later disk images that need 1.5 ROM chips, so I can only try the older v1. 00 disk image

I just get an INCOMPATIBLE ROM message on the screen. No idea why…

I’m thinking that maybe I should try to upgrade the ROM to v1. 5, is there any good reason I shouldn’t do this that anyone knows about :thinking:

Is the image file 1.00 an EPS-16 OS file? It sounds like it. For the ASR-10, you should be using an OS version 3.xx (3.51 is the latest version).

Thanks Sam, the old ROMs inside the unit prevent me running the latest OS as they are V1.0 ROMS meaning I can only run 1.00 or 1.25 OS

I’ve made a decision to upgrade them

Yeah, you’ll definitely want to bring it up to date - it’s easy and cheap.

Thanks Sam,

My OS ROMs arrived today, fitted them straight, put latest OS on the Gotek floppy emulator, and it seems to be fully loading, and also fully working too :smiley:

Whoever took it in bits last time left a bunch of the PCB screws out, so I’ve just got to get hold of some replacement PCB screws now and screw it all back together…I am super happy with the outcome, thanks for the advice

Excellent news - I love a happy ending!