Ensoniq branded synth hard case

I got the Ensoniq branded hardcase with my SQ-80.
Are these fairly rare?

Here is a video of the case.

I have never seen one of those before, and don’t recall Ensoniq ever selling them. (And I was VERY into Ensoniq back then, beta testing and such.) My guess is that this was perhaps used for trade show transporting of display keyboards. It’s a cool find - and I’m guessing there were only a few of them.

The first owner, who sold me the SQ-80 and the case, got it new from Stringz and Things in Chatham, Ontario, Canada. The SQ-80 has the latest OS, which suggests later on in the SQ-80s sale life.

It’s easy to upgrade the OS - the serial number will be a better indicator (though I don’t know what the number range was).