Ensoniq EPS 16+ load os but not any istruments

I used the device for a long time. It loads the operating system,but not any instrumets. Error message is Disk error- lost data. I bought floppy emulator, but error is same. Is any idea what’s is broken?

This could possibly be due to faulty RAM on the main board. The OS gets loaded into RAM on boot-up, but only takes a small fraction of the memory that an instrument would. Find the smallest block-size instrument you have on floppy disk, and try booting, then loading that instrument. If small instruments load, but not larger ones, I think that will indicate a RAM problem.

Not too sure about the ram issue mentioned below. swapping out ram could help. I was thinking it just could be a bad line in one of the ribbon cables to come and go to the floppy drives. Ensonic really stresses on not pulling on the cables when disconnecting. I managed to screw up several until I noticed the warning.