Ensoniq EPS 16 Plus Issue (Main Board?)

Hello all!!!

I have an Ensoniq EPS 16 Plus that was gifted to me. Problem is that I have no sound coming out. It boots, I can load sounds and banks, but nothing when I hits keys or when I play Sequence.

I entered the Test Mode and I am not seeing anything on the Inputs(Mod Wheel, Buttons, Sliders).

Heres the odd part, when I connect MIDI out to anothet synth, The EPS Song will transmit MIDI notes out. I connect external controller to MIDI IN on EPS and not hearing anything.

I think I have a Main Board issue. Cant seem to find any online: Syntaur, Ebay, Reverb, etc.

Anyone have any thoughts or have a Main Board laying around? I am willing to $$$.

Thank you All!!!

Check out Keyboard Kountry.com. They have parts for the EPS-16 Plus. I had the keyboard a few months ago with tons of sounds and just sold it. Kept a lot of the sounds on diskette, but never had an issue with the main board or anything. Just was tired of loading floppies or going through the SCSI board and loading from Zip.
I’ve bought from Keyboard Kountry before, no issues with their stuff and deliveries fairly quickly. Let me know if it works out and you get it repaired.

Thank you, Mike.
I reached out and they didn’t have one. Has one earlier this year but sold it. :frowning:
Looks like its a long hunt for this one. Thank you for the info!!!

Just to be sure, once you load an Instrument, you then have to select it (light comes on for that Instrument) before it will play. I presume you did this… And loading a Bank and playing the sequence should output sound regardless, so it sounds like you’ve done the right things.

Did you test the output from both the Left and Right Output jacks, as well as the Headphones? That will eliminate the possibility that it is just a broken jack.

After that, it likely is an issue with the main board, probably a bad op amp somewhere. Sorry we don’t have one available for you right now!