Ensoniq EPS CD-ROM and SD compatibility

Here’s a question from our email bag:

I would like to buy an EPS Sample library from you guys but I have a question regarding compatibility:

I have an EPS Classic and I am interested in buying the “EPS Library Archive” CD-Rom.
I replaced the floppy disk drive with an SD card drive.

Would I be able to transfer samples from the CD Roms to the SD card with my computer?

I saw on your website that the CD Roms and EPS Classic SCSI arent compatible AND it also says in the description that my computer wont be able to read the files. But do you think my computer will be able to recognize the samples just for transferring over from CD to SD?

My computer recognizes EPS sample files on my SD card, (its obviously unable to play them, but it sees that they exist.)

And here’s my response:

I think you will be facing some self-inflicted torture if you try this. I have no experience with the SD card drives, but I can say with certainty that your computer (be it a Mac or a PC) will not recognize the CD-ROM at all, unless you are using software that is specifically set up for Ensoniq disks. I believe that Gary Giebler’s EDM (Ensoniq Disk Manager) software will allow you to pull individual files from an Ensoniq-format CD-ROM. But his software is decades old, and must be run on a very old (slow processor) PC - pre-windows is best! And I’m not sure if he still supports or sells this. Rubber Chicken’s Translator software may do the same, but that would be a question for Garth at Rubber Chicken.

We use the EDM software here (for floppy disks only), and it is very handy. Find a really old PC at a garage sale, and that could be perfect (and cheap).

Good luck!