Ensoniq EPS Noise & Glitches

Hey All,

I’ve got an EPS that’s acting funny. The most bothersome issue is a noisier than desired audio output. It produces a slight high pitched whine that changes slightly when buttons or keys are pressed; and I can hear through the outputs when the floppy drive or SCSI interface is being accessed.

I’m not super knowledgeable about electronics, but I know how to recap through-hole pcbs, so my first inclination was to recap the power supply. When I was inspecting the psu I noticed what looked like some dried fluid, or some other kind of corrosion below one of the voltage regulators. Do voltage regulators contain fluid that can leak out?

Here’s a pic of the voltage regulator (you have to click on the pic to see the whole thing - aka the “leaky” part):

Google Photos

Other glitches include: sometimes after being on for a while it will stop producing sound which is remedied by restarting it, if there’s a sound in slot 1 it will automatically be layered onto sounds in the other slots (even if the light for slot 1 isn’t lit), the “amp” button isn’t responding, which I was hoping could be fixed with contact cleaner, but maybe it’s related?

I checked all of the internal connections and they seem to be nice and snug. This is otherwise a really clean EPS. I got it for $75 (yay!) and it looks like it’s hardly been used. I upgraded it with v2.40 firmware and a 4X memory expander with SCSI that took off another EPS that wasn’t as nice looking. I’ve had it for almost a couple of years now but have only recently really started using it. I’m pretty sure these issues are new though. Any thoughts and/or advice is appreciated!

Here’s a pic of the mainboard with rev#, etc if that’s helpful…

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